Saturday, January 8, 2011

Nonno's Shelf

Today I impressed myself and made my Nonno proud.  My Nonno, who served in the Pacific in WWII and who passed away several years ago, was a woodworking genius.  He made beautiful pieces and I'm thankful to have inherited the toy chest he made me as a baby, a small table he made me as a little girl, and a curio-style shelf that used to hang in Mom and Dad's house.  Today, I successfully (and all by myself) hung the curio shelf in my living room.  Well, all by myself and with the aid of a hammer, nails, the hangy-nail-things that hold more weight than a nail by itself, and a teeny level with a teeny bubble inside to tell me when the shelf was straight.  And I only made ONE extra nail hole (which I very pragmatically hid when I hung the shelf).

So, in other words, I am a GENIUS of home-improvement and ready to begin taking work orders.  So far, my specialty skills are:

1) hanging a shelf on the wall while only leaving one extra hole which can be easily covered by aforementioned shelf


2) painting walls with gusto and little regard for drip-marks. (My mother, sisters, countless friends, and brother-in-law can attest to this second one.  I am rapacious with a paint roller but I can't be bothered with the details of cutting in, trim, corners OR drip-marks.)

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