Monday, September 24, 2012

Shameful Secrets

I don't exactly know what RSS is, or how one "subscribes" to updates using it.

I'm not precisely sure how to calculate basic entries in an excel spreadsheet... sum total and alphabetizing are all I've got so far.

The green onion has a green part and a white part, and I consider them both to be The Green Onion, but I suspect that I'm mistaken.  Also, are chives just dried up green onion pieces?

Yesterday, I googled the pronunciation for the word "pedagogical" because I'm always a bit confused as to whether it sounds like peda GO gical or peda GOD gical.  Sigh.  I mean, my instincts were correct, but geesh.

The only parts of a car I can name are the lug nuts and the chassis.

I had poptarts for lunch today... and I'm thirty-four years old.

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