Friday, March 25, 2011


My niece is coming to spend the weekend with me.  Sister A is going to a ladies retreat in the mountains, and she is allowing me to shelter and feed her most precious treasure for two days :) 

This morning, sister A told me that my niece said, "Auntie Ro is the funniest Auntie in the whole wide world!" (or something along those lines), and I've gotta tell you -- it mighta kinda sorta made my DAY.  We have "traditions" at Auntie Ro's house.  Here are a few of them:

* At Auntie Ro's house, there are always "hot chips."
Years and years ago, I brought some Doritos to a lunch or something, and my niece had never tried them before!  She loved them and has been calling them "hot chips" for as long as I can remember...My sister doesn't keep them at her house, because it's one of those things that is special for Auntie Ro's visits. 

* At Auntie Ro's house, we always watch Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.
This is a movie I never get tired of watching, and I introduced her to it last year, I think.  Our favorite parts are:  the fizzy-lifting drinks, where they have to burp to save themselves; the carbonation-powered train, where they get covered in heaps and mounds of frothy bubbles; and the part where one of the dads says, "I've got a blueberry for a daughter!"  We laugh and laugh and laugh.  Usually, my niece rewinds these parts at least 3 times while we watch. 

* At Auntie Ro's house, we always get up early on Saturday morning and drive through Dunkin Donuts in our pj's to order my niece F her very favorite breakfast: Donut Holes. 
We make sure they include powdered, (her fav), chocolate and blueberry (our mutual favs) and "only a couple" jelly-filled (my fav).  Also, we get milk.

* At Auntie Ro's house, F always drinks out of a special pink cup I save especially for her visits. 
It is pink and plastic and she always gets to pick the color straw she wants to put in it.  I have many colored straws.

* At Auntie Ro's house, when my niece comes to visit, she gets to take a BUBBLE bath in the "swimming pool" bathtub. 
It is a 2 person whirlpool tub with jets and my 8 year old niece gets lost in it.  She loves it, although she is always a little nervous about "starting up" the jets.  ("They're so loud, Auntie Ro!")

This weekend, I have lots of fun things planned and my camera will be joining us on our adventures... stay tuned :)

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