Saturday, May 21, 2011


the room was hot.
people dressed formally, as befitting a funeral.
strangely ironic
considering his warmth and informality.
(He would have been wearing a Notre Dame golf shirt, maybe, and shorts.)

Puffy eyes.
Smiles through tears.
Crumpled tissues -- a purse full.
Notre Dame colors everywhere (his favorite).

A powerful service.
Four sons, grieving.
speaking lovingly of their father
and his love for the Father.
(He couldn't have asked for a better legacy.)

His beautiful, peaceful Marie. 
So small to be surrounded by so many hundreds of mourners.
Her quietcalmbeauty
anchoring us.

I remembered how he shouted into the microphone that she
-- his dainty, modest, gentle wife --
was "Smokin' HOT!"
at the church Christmas dance.
(He loved her unabashedly.
Loudly, exuberantly, ridiculously, proudly.)

And my favorite part of today
-- the slideshow of his life --
because in it,
at the very end,
I heard him laughing.
as only Rick could laugh.

Loudly, exuberantly, ridiculously, proudly.
(He was a great one for laughing.)

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  1. I'm so sorry for your loss! Sounds like he had a beautiful soul and that lives on through his family.