Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Snapshots of My Summer

 Afternoon Starbucks brownie with my niece...
 Yogurt Mountain with the whole family (Fourth of July Weekend)
 We take up two tables -- at least. 
 Midnight swimming!
 Delicious after-church lunch fun at Papa's and Beer...
 Late afternoon sidewalk view from Trio's Cafe downtown...
 Baking cookies :)
 Helping Mom prep peaches for preserves and pie!
 Taking my niece to breakfast at -- where else? -- the Awful Waffle.  Haha -- except that it was nice and not awful at all...
 Enjoying baseball at a Greenville Drive game!
 On the way to the beach...
 The Sisters.  One week.  Thanks, Mom and Dad!
 Our view :)
 Prepping for B's bridal shower!
 Scones and sisters -- a perfect bridal shower combo :)
And now, back to our regularly scheduled school year... 

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