Thursday, January 26, 2012

Southern Ladies

There is a group of ladies who have taken over my favorite little Starbucks.

For the second time this week, they were here when I arrived.  Taking up an entire side of the small coffee shop, they laugh loudly, exchange gasps of purse-admiration and offer delight in each others' earrrings or "cute workout skirt" or new reeboks.  Apparently, fitness has brought them together; they vary in age but all are dressed for exercise.  The young women wear contemporary workout gear, and the older ladies supplement their ensembles with beautiful pearl earrings and bright necklaces.  Despite being in workout gear, all hair styles are perfectly coiffed and all have what I presume are considered "sassy" purses sitting prettily beside their crossed legs.  The laughter from this group is loud and continuous, although the ladies exchange stories while keeping their hands busy -- cross-stitch, coffee, and the clackity-clack of knitting needles.

Adidas.  Pearls.  Black yoga pants.  Snakeskin.  Shabby cotton.  Shiny gold.

I watch them over my raspberry latte and I think,

"This is how Southern ladies do Starbucks."

 And I'm lovin' it.

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