Monday, February 14, 2011

Some Kind of Wonderful -- updated :)

I don't really remember how long ago I discovered it, but my mom's cd collection has a "Best of The Drifters" cd.  I like to put it on her kitchen stereo when I'm home.  It doesn't matter if we're washing dishes, making dinner, or sipping coffee on the back porch -- if that cd comes on, I can't help but dance.  And since I'm a terrible, guffawing idiot of a dancer, the moment invariably ends in laughter -- which is my favorite family sound, so it's a total win-win situation.  haha. 

If I can get my parents to show off their suh-weet dancing skillz, it's a win-win-WIN.

I have all sorts of stations on my pandora account, but last week I made one titled "The Drifters."  It was cloudy, cold day and I was aching for warmer days.  The moment "Some Kind of Wonderful" came on, summer arrived in my window-less, February office.  Made me very happy and quite excited about summer days being around the corner.  Happy Valentine's Day!

----------- UPDATE --------------------

The Very Good Man surprised me with Valentine's flowers today!! He had them delivered to me at work -- a basket of roses and daisies, a stuffed monkey, and chocolate.  I mean, how awesome is THAT? I've never gotten Valentine's Day flowers before :)  Big smiles and lots of thankfulness to you, VGM.  You really know how to warm a girl's heart ;)

Apparently, VGM didn't know the monkey part of the arrangement would be so large, haha -- his exact words when I sent him this pic? "Whoa.  The monkey looked way smaller in the picture."

The non-monkey side of the basket-o-flowers :)  So pretty, huh? 

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